Your questions answered.

Back in August we asked our fans and friends to send us their questions (see post below).  The most interesting questions would be answered and you receive one of our patches for free. Nobody managed to guess which patch corresponds to each member of the band correctly, but we can tell you now who is who!

Kimmo - Buck/Stag
Vesa - Eagle
Simo - Bear
Niini - Fox
Jukka - Hare
Jussi - Fish
Marja - Owl
Mat - Wolf

Thank you to everyone who sent us their questions, and here are the ones we answered:

"Which planet would you choose to play if you could?"
- Florian, Germany

An exoplanet as far as possible from our solar system …

 …or if Kimmo got his way, the Tatooine cantina as a warm up for Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes.

It’s good to check here:

There is evidence of a Jovian habitable planet orbiting Sirius. Sirius has some Crowleyan significance via the Egyptians and stands for the spirit of wisdom in the Zoroastrian tradition. Apparently when you are in contact with the spirit-world it could be that you are in fact in communication with aliens from Sirius, or at least that’s what the Robert Anton Wilson story is all about …

There’s a good video here:
We’d probably head to Sirius through the Great Pyramid. 

"Why do we love what we love? How does the evolution go in order to shape our personal likings and preferences? Is it due to genetics, does it depend on subconscious imprinting or is it even foregone?”
- Mascha, Austria

What you are describing is the philosophical discourse on “Nature vs Nurture”. I think it’s a mix of all things. We are neither wholly nature or nurture. We are both what has been handed down to us and what we make of ourselves. I think the beauty of existence is the ability of free will and choice. We are able to make decisions that will influence our genetic makeup and the future of our civilization. We can’t imagine that we’re just born with a tabula rasa. We share over 4 billion years collective journey on this rock with every living creature on it and everything we’re made of is the same as what’s in the cosmos and exists within the universe. We’re connected with everything we encounter and interact with. 

"We are all connected
To each other, biologically
To the earth, chemically
To the rest of the universe atomically”

Or so says Neil De Grasse Tyson

Saying that, I do believe that we’re all unique, in that no formula will ever be the same. Not in a Christian way or a Muslim way, but every human is unique, the same way every grain of sand is a different shape. In the end it doesn’t amount to importance, nor is it a subject of quality or being special or chosen as the modern religions would have us believe. We’re natural mutations, anomalies and blips on a graph, dots on a map. Nothing more. 

I think we love what we love because of a vast, infinite number of things, which cannot be measured or determined, but contain factors like chemical balances in the brain, our DNA and life experiences, but also the undefinable, unknowable cosmic self which we don’t have the science for yet.  

What’s important is that we do love and we feel love. It’s the most important emotion and it makes sure we create something, in a universe where destruction and chaos is commonplace and simply inevitable.

"I see that you, as a band, but I guess also personally, have an interest about Mother Nature. Would you like to tell us how nature inspires and affects you?"
- Haralampos, Greece

Nature means calm and exit from the white-noise of life. When you go out into nature then you dress up to go there. You put your walking shoes on, your wind-breaker and perhaps a cap to stop the tree branches going in your eyes or to protect your head from the rain. It’s the same as going to church on a sunday and wearing your sunday best! There’s a ritual involved with going into nature and for us it’s church-like. There’s reverence and it’s a holy place. Mentally though it feels as if you are stopping off layers. You get rid of all the brush and noise and chaff. There you can be truly yourself.

There’s a quote by John Muir:

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”

and that’s how we feel. It’s not at all like the world mankind has fabricated is the real world to us. It’s the outdoors and the natural world that is our home and where we belong. 

It’s important for us to stand with nature and the natural world because we feel that nobody else is right now and nature needs champions and heroes. Look what one man like Muir achieved! We only have one home. This world is part of us and gives us everything. We are purely giving thanks and praise to the fruits that nature provides to us, the only gods we know.

"What was the last nail in the coffin that you ended up playing some instrument in the first place?" 
- Jaakko, Finland

Kimmo - plays his grandpas violin. Ismo Alanko - Pulu
Vesa - Slash told me so. 
Simo - played since 11-12 years old, Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark
Niini - bass is the most fun, and other instruments were already taken by my brothers. Geezer is my idol.
Jukka - All old Sirkle and all future releases too. Bass and guitar were taken by my brothers Mikko and Petri and I was left with rusty drums from Estonia.
Jussi - Circle. All others yell: kirkle! Blade Runner soundtrack.
Marja - Air drumming, until I got a drum in front of me. Metallica’s Black album.
Mat - Kids at school played a Beastie Boys song at an assembly and it was cool so I wanted to play guitar. Licensed to Ill.

What do you think about the CD being just a plastic product and therefore harming the environment?
- Danijel, Germany

Well there are many places to recycle CDs. You can use or or or or just google many more.

Marja’s mother uses them in her gardening using them to scare off birds from her vegetables with the mirror reflections they provide. I think it’s nice if you can find a way to re-use them for something else, or just send them off to be recycled. Obviously it’s a sad to destroy trees and in the water and waste in the production of music products but we don’t manufacture many CDs/LPs. We always use fake paper or recycled paper in ALL and every one of our products. The industry has a way to go but I am positive that it will continue to improve. 

With the amount of waste that goes into and out of the production of music products, we really do support the digital format, especially places like Bandcamp where you can hoost the high-quality versions. We feel that the limited amount we produce is ok for those that really do want the physical format, but we’re not over-producing like the mass-media hyped bands on bigger labels. Our pressings usually sell-out and we feel that they’re sustainable. Your talking pressings of between 500-1000 copies. 

We’ll go with anything that can help stop the waste and environmental damage and we know there’s a long way to go on this front.

We decided to answer both the questions below with one answer - since the questions were so similar:

I would really like to know if there are any books that have inspired you during the writing process of Dawnbearer and No Holier Temple? I would also like to know what other artists, musical and otherwise, inspire your work.
- Tomas, UK


I really like your music, and the lyrics are particularly specials for me, so my question is the following: Can you recommend me a book (or books) about occultism, or the philosophical tendency that you find more interesting and transcendental? 
- Gabriel, Chile

A film titled “Surviving Progress”

Carl Sagan - Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

John Muir: The Eight Wilderness Discovery Books (but anything by/about Muir is worth reading)

Confessions of an Eco Warrior by Dave Forman

Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard

Fiona Benson

The photography of Bastian Kalous

The paintings and writings of Austin Osman Spare

Bobby Beausoliel - whose wife Barbra passed away recently and we wish to send our deepest condolences. Bless you Bobby!

The music of Charles Manson and the Manson Family (we’re not pro-murder, but we are pro-ATWA):

The movies of Ralph Bakshi (Wizards - gotta check out Wizards!)

Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky - what do you mean you haven’t seen Stalker?

The movie called If A Tree Falls

Then a list of books/authors/writers/artists/musicians and film-makers:
Derek Walcott
Dennis Cooper
Rabindranath Tagore
James Joyce
Alan Ginsberg
Christian Wiman
100 years of Loneliness
Edgar Allen Poe - especially The Pit and The Pendulum
Dan Simmons - Song of Kali
Robert Anton Wilson
Philip K. Dick 
Tommi Liimatta
William Blake
Aldous Huxley
Alan Moore
Grant Morrison
Dylan Thomas
Albert Camus
Jimi Hendrix
Paul Simon
Olavi Paavolainen and Tulenkantajat
The Kalevala

This list could go on and on forever,  as inspiration is limitless and endless. There aren’t enough hours in life to read everything we would like. 
Please tell us, what are your influences?


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